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​Fresh organic juices.

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Our Mission

Our Mission through Playful Roots Wellness Ministry is whole body wellness!


Supporting healthy brain, body and spirit awareness, we can be the change we wish to see!


Playful Wellness is about getting our community thriving with health, energy, and wellness. Our online non-profit store Juice Buddies, delivers fresh organic cold-pressed juice straight to your door!  Every time you pick a package through Juice Buddies you are not only investing in your health, but you are also contributing to the health and support of our community, as a percent of each purchase will go towards our highlighted Organization for the month. We have great results so far and look forward to getting all of the nutritious benefits to you and your family.  We have many options and offer tailored juice plans to your needs.  Thank you and happy juicing!

Local Organization Donations

Thank You For Supporting Our Community!



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Best way to invest in your health and keep your energy level high with consistent nutrition is to check out our subscription packages. We offer gift packages and memberships. No better gift to give a friend, family or yourself than the gift of pure health!


Playful Roots Wellness Ministry is a 501c3 non-profit, Affiliate of Alliance of Divine Love. We are wellness based Ministry for mind, body and soul.  Our motto is BREATHE fully, LOVE yourself deeply, GIVE with an open heart, and CONNECT fully with all of those around you. To keep sharing this motto through meditation classes, yoga, art class for all ages and  to keep all our events affordable we have created a fun and healthy driven plan through Juice Buddies. Juice Buddies is a way to support community out reach as well as give where its needed in the community.  Every month we will be giving a percentage to local non-profit organizations.


"If you are tired of being tired in the afternoons and need a pick me up, if you just can't get off those extra pounds, if you need to reboot your system and enjoy a healthy Florida lifestyle... Juice Buddies is definitely for you!  One of my life long friends told me about Juice Buddies because I just needed to get a jump start and become healthy.  I love it so much that I do it at the very least once a month and I have never felt better! Try it, you will love the results!  You will be happy you did!"
-JoAnna Oster  Professor/ Davie College